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About me

The Bobby D Show is an American Comedy Radio program based out of Washington State’s Home Base Studios on the shores of Commencement Bay.

The show got it’s start in January of 2006 on Eastern Oregon’s classic rock station KUBQ-FM in La Grande (A station the show can be found on again today). The show switched between afternoon and mornings before finally making it’s home in the morning for the last year it was there. The Bobby D Show left KUBQ-FM in October of 2008 to pursue other ventures and the show was put on hiatus.

In January of 2010 the show made a comeback on a very small internet station called ‘The Mix Radio.’ Quickly after what the show calls their ‘re-start’ the show was being picked up by affiliates all over the country and abroad.

The show starts off each morning with a run down of what’s planned for that show as well as Bobby D stating what number the show is on.

The show delivers new content each and every morning to its listeners. Bits that are common on the show include, “Chance Encounters,” “Sports W/ Civi,” “Getting Even with Telemarketers,” “Work of the Weird,” and so much more. The show also includes celebrity news & notes, birthdays, listener emails, phone calls, text messages and what’s on the TV tonight each and every day.

The show is run on FM station is the US and Australia and can also be heard in Canada and England. The show is not limited to FM stations though. We can be heard on FM, LPFM, AM and internet radio stations. Anyone has the ability to pick up the show.

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