Viv Craggs

About me

“Hi, I’m Viv (or Vivian if it’s a Sunday), a lady of a “certain age” living in the new Forest in Hampshire, England. I have 2 sons and a grandson and enjoy getting out and about – either in the forest or on the beach – with family, friends and my dogs.

Although I’ve now lived “Down South” for most of my life my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East of England, among the beautiful countryside of the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.

I consider myself very lucky as when I was a child my Grandparents had a farm and I had an idyllic childhood as Saturdays were spent on the farm talking to the animals and playing on the farm machinery - the health and safety police wouldn’t allow that these days!

Eventually I had to grow up and get a job. 

At eighteen I joined the Fire Service where I made some great friends and, as you can imagine, had some very moving experiences.

I never imagined that I’d end up presenting radio programmes or indeed helping to run a radio station.

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